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or Jennifer

An Austin based Wedding Photographer specializing in Candid, emotion stirring photos and cinematic films.

I also make a lot of strange faces and say random things.

So if you'd like to hang out with a strange and random person...you've come to the right place.

Austin Elopement Photographer

There is a special place in MY heart for intimate celebrations.

In my many years as a wedding photographer, I have found that my favorite celebrations are the more intimate ones. Where the couple doesn't just shake everyone's hand but they have time to engage with their guests. Those who come are truly there for the couple and appreciate the experience on a deeper level. It's a wonderful feeling!

Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field."

-Peter Adams

Austin Elopement Photographer

I am a list maker

1. I love bad jokes, it's the reason I fell in love with my husband.

2. Music, gotta have it all...Old, New, Borrowed and the Blues.

3. Photography...Famous last words “Just one more shot guys” don’t be fooled - because we’re about to take like 10 more photos.

4. I have two rough'n tumble, loud little love bugs (not ideal background noise) which is why I have to schedule our phone calls.

5. I like gardening and not killing my indoor plants.

6. Philosophical debate ...I won’t bore you with the details unless your sleep app isn’t cutting it or you're just into discussing “the infinite abyss” LOL.

7. I’m a pretty good listener...I’m sorry what were you saying?...I kidd. Meeting and chatting with new people is an awesome part of my job that I particularly love!


Where I call home - 30.26°N,97.74°W - Austin, Texas

Austin Elopement Photographer

A Hybrid


As a wedding photographer I have grown a lot over the past decade. Diving deep into what it is that connects us and accepting the deeper challenge of how to harness that feeling into a still image. Capturing a couple for who they are and the experience they are having. It is a delicate line of prompts and natural chemistry...and laughter.


One day I woke up and realized I needed to see my couples in motion. So a few years ago I had called a friend (who is also a wedding planner) and asked if she had a couple who would be down for a free wedding video that might not be very good...LOL! It was absolute magic and I have been hooked ever since. I only hybrid shoot weddings with less then 50 people.

Austin Elopement Photographer
Glacier Elopement Photographer

what are we

If not an accumulation

of our memories

I'll meet you there!

Wherever you may be in your journey, know that I am there for you.

All jokes and sarcasm aside - I truly love what I do! I love those beautiful moments that everyone feels but no one sees. My passion is to capture that feeling in an image. That laughter that means so much and those small facial expressions that only your partner can read. Those images are magic. I aim to be the calming influence, the steady voice, and the memory keeper.

The creator of life long treasures for you.

Tell me something


For those who have a little bit more time and want to know more...Let’s schedule some time to chat! We can meet in person over a cup of tea/glass of wine, chat over the phone or if your schedule is busy I totally get that, let's just start with an email.

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