Chapel Dulcinea // Meredith + Travis

November 13, 2021

Meredith + Travis

Meredith and Travis’ big day began at Chapel Dulcinea, a Spanish style chapel fearlessly sitting on the edge of a walking trail, located on the Wizard Academy Campus just 20 minutes southwest of downtown Austin. The pair looked very dashing as they exchanged their, “I do’s”, grinning ear to ear at the promise of a lifetime forever.

Meredith’s gown was absolutely stunning with a low-rise, exposed back showing off her very eloquent and vibrant back tattoos. Travis too looked very dapper in his tuxedo. After the ceremony, close family had a yummy lunch at the District Kitchen. Meredith and Travis have three cute kids and are awesome parents. There was a lot of joy felt through out the day and it could really be felt that this family really loves each other.

To wrap up the night the group headed downtown to the beautiful and epically modern, Hotel Van Zandt. Meredith and Travis shared their first dance as a married couple at a private lounge that contained a very hip mirrored ceiling. Hotel Van Zandt is nothing short of a fun and exciting time and has a a classy bar up top named Geraldine’s. It was there that everyone danced the night away, and everyone lived happily ever after.







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