Denver, Colorado // Karlie + Aric

September 22, 2021

Karlie + Aric Highlight

39.6636° N, 105.8792° W - Loveland Pass, Colorado

Karlie + Aric

Karlie and Aric are a super sweet couple from Minnesota who journeyed down with their precious baby girl to the breathtaking state of Colorado. This couple has been to Colorado countless times before and fell in love with the mountains, nature, hiking, and beauty of it and decided the place to elope is Loveland Pass. Before the ceremony we decided to take some photos around downtown Denver and explore the area a bit. Karlie looked so beautiful in her gown and her gorgeous, long brown hair flowed so nicely and was curled to perfection. Aric also looked very dashing making for a picture-perfect couple.

The elopement was amongst the Colorado mountains near a lake as the sun began to set. Although in September, once the sun begins to go down it gets real chilly outside. Karlie and Aric shared their heartfelt vows and kissed to seal the deal, smiling ear the ear at the promise of a lifetime with each other. Blakely, their baby was a witness and signed the certificate, accidentally stabbing her dad, making for an unforgettable day.




Loveland Pass Colorado



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