i must admit...having your own wedding film is pretty awesome.

from the highlights of your day to seeing the expressions on your faces and hearing every word of your ceremony. Films are only offered in specific options so please inquire for details.

types of film

highlight Reel

A highlight reel is a collection of video clips from your wedding day put together with music. A great way to show off your wedding day without making your friends and family sit through a 3 hour movie. Think of it like your own music video.


It's exactly that. Your ceremony from start to finish with clear audio. Normally it's set with two cameras to give you highlights of another angle that isn't straight on. This is a great addition to a Highlight Reel. Hear all of the laughter and joy from your ceremony.


Are you eloping? Not sure how to tell friends and family you did it. Maybe you just want to add a 30-45 second reel to instagram or TikTok. It's like a Pomeranian: cute, short and to the point.

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