Ka’ananpai Beach Hotel // Emily + Jacob

November 22, 2021

emily + jacob highlight

20.7984° N, 156.3319° W - Maui, Hawaii

Emily + Jacob

Emily and Jacob are the sweetest people you will ever meet. The two of them wanted their special day to be just the two of them amongst the beautiful scenery of the Hawaiian islands. The day started off very relaxed in the morning with hair, makeup, coffee. They wanted to get eloped on the beach but Mother Nature had a different plan. Rain began to pour as we we’re setting up so we ran with all the camera equipment to duck and cover. After the rain settled down we headed over to the large lava rocks by the shoreline where a fairy-tale like rainbow came to shine on Emily and Jacob as they exchanged their heartfelt and emotional vows.

After a magical elopement, the Road to Hana was next. An hour and a half from our destination the scenic drive was truly breath-taking. The teeny-tiny highway is a 64.4 mile stretch of the most gorgeous and lush jungle your eyes will every lay on. We stopped several times during the drive to take it all in and even parked our car and ran downhill as fast as humanly possible to see an unreal waterfall. Jacob would really do anything for Emily – including climbing on slippery rocks in the rain wearing Crocs and his nice dress shoes! Emily would also do anything for Jacob – overcoming her fear of heights for the perfect photo opportunity, standing over the ledge of a bridge next to a gorgeous waterfall.

Note to Hawaii Destination elopement seekers:When driving the Road to Hana if someone honks, just pull over.






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