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You can read all about me in the "this is me" section. So here let's talk about what it's like to work with me...and because I work with me all of the time, I thought it might be nice to hear from someone else who has worked with me.

Let me introduce you to Natalie and Andrew.

I photographed their elopement back in October of 2020. Yep - It was a wild time! We had FaceTime going the whole time for moms, dad and grandma to see. But I'll let them tell you the rest.

Natalie + Andrew

"First, I have to admit, I already new Jen from our professional paths in the wedding industry. From a professional aspect it was easy to hire Jen, I knew she would be there and probably early, I knew she could handle the fast pace of family portraits and I knew she would get the images that I wanted. But most importantly I knew Jen is flexible to changes on the day of a wedding.

Being flexible really came in handy when Covid hit. Our original big wedding turned into a small wedding. Two days before the small wedding it turned into an elopement and landed us in the San Marcos River! This meant changing venues, hiking a ways and a lot of on-the-go decision making to make the day happen. It’s so different being the bride, you don’t want to have to make decisions (especially on the go) Jen really came through and took over just when we needed it. She led us through the day in away that made it feel as if we were on an exciting adventure. We put our feet in the river, held hands and said “I do”. I couldn’t tell you where Jen was during the ceremony but from our photos she was in all the right places at all the right times.

The photographs in the river were amazing and even better than we hoped for! Later at our reception, both of our families immediately fell in love with Jen. She was so easy going and fun to work with that there were even several remarks at how effortless the family photos went. If you tell her what you want she will make it happen and if you don’t know what you want she will help you find it." - The Foxes

It's like...Yeah

A simple question of date (the stars must align here first)

In your email let me know when your big day is and your overall idea of your wedding day

Then we chat a little (nowadays it’s mostly by phone or zoom)

If the date is available, I'll ask you if you have some time to chat.

We hash out some details, I answer all of your questions and then we sign a contract and do a happy dance

Now I’m going to send you some important dates and a guide book.

This is all dependent on those details we hashed out.

Our adventure starts

As all romances do

with an email

and then

it goes a little somethin' like this



Pre event consultation

About 3 weeks out we schedule your pre event meeting to get all of those details hashed out. This is our most important date before your big day. It's a lengthy phone/in person conversation going over the big TO DO's : Timeline, Family, Details!

day of

On the day of I arrive early 'cause mama always said “if you ain’t early you're late”

We hang out all day! You laugh, cry and love every minute because we have gathered here for your love. I take lots of pictures! And then you get swept away into the magic.


happily after

A couple of days later a sample gallery will arrive in your email. It will be just enough to tide you over while your images are getting a good polish.

Once your images have arrived safely in your private online gallery we will all do another happy dance while you share with friends and family.





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Happily Ever Afters

Years Experience

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destinations for


Some more kind words...

Jennifer is by far the best photographer you can have for your wedding. She is not only a photographer, but also a coordinator. I swear it seemed like everything was going off of her time, which ended up turning out to be perfect. She provided us with sample photos the next day, which didn’t even look like they needed editing. She was absolutely amazing. Thank you

Jen & Audrey were so so fun to work with. We had a blast taking photos after the ceremony and love her unique style. You can tell Jen is focused and has all her wheels turning on they day-of, but she is sweet, calm and a pleasure to work with.

10/10 in all areas! Jen was referred to us by our venue and she completely exceeded our expectations. She was an incredibly hard worker, had a great attitude, and was a pleasure to be around for our wedding day. Her photos are stunning and really capture the energy of the environment. Highly recommend!

— Jane + John

— Hannah + Brett

— Mack and Angelica

Married at the Wildflower Country Inn San Marcos, TX

Married at Le San Michele Buda, TX

Married at Lone Oak Round Rock, TX

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